1945 – 1965

In 1945 William and Pauline Walter started William E. Walter Plumbing and Heating in Flint, Michigan. Their first client was General Motors Institute, which later became known as Kettering University. And is still a client today.

In 1959 William E. Walter became incorporated. Stanley Cherwinski and Howard Shand purchased all the shares of company stock. The company continued to grow, expanding their customer base to include areas around Lansing and Saginaw, Michigan. Their focus was on commercial, institutional, and industrial construction projects.

1966 – 1975

Due to the growth in the automotive sector in Mid-Michigan, William E. Walter Plumbing and Heating Inc. became a major supplier of construction trade services to the automotive industry, completing a number of foundry and automotive assembly plant projects.

With the completion of the St. Joseph Hospital renovation project in Lansing, we began to move into the health care field. Year to date we have completed over 1,000 health care related projects.

Over the past twenty years we have serviced over 300 different clients, providing them with the service they require.

1976 – 1985

In July of 1981 our Saginaw office was established and in 1984 we opened our Lansing office to better serve our customers.

1986 – 1995

June of 1988 we changed our name to William E. Walter, Inc., Mechanical Contractors, to better reflect the work that we preformed.

In 1989 Douglas Wyrwicki became Vice President of the company. John Walter joined the firm in 1989 and became Vice-President in 1993. Howard Shand retired in 1995 and Douglas Wyrwicki became president.

1996 – 2017

John Walter became President in 2011 with the purchase of Douglas Wyrwicki’s share of the corporation.

2018 – Present

Tomas Rose became President and Rick Wenzlick Vice-President when they purchased John Walter’s share of the corporation and the current structure of ownership remains the same to this date.

Today William E. Walter, Inc. provides multi-million dollar projects for clients in the Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Chemical and Petro-chemical sectors of the construction market, continuing the tradition of excellence started 75 years ago by William and Pauline.